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You really are an asshole!
Hey, don't tell me. It was me who told you so. Anyway, since quitting the band, Andy went to Bangor Uni and studied English Lit quite badly. He left uni in '98 and lived briefly in a cage where he sought like-minded animals and ate them from the waist up. More recently he has been writing and was paid for doing so up until May 2008 at the wonderful institution that is the Daily Sport, where he worked alongside such noblemen as Simon "Deano" Dean, Julian Bovis, Barry McIlheney, Philip Lever, Mr Pam McVitie, John "Not so" Wise, the legend and genius who is Tony Livesey. Andy now earns a living from educating the Middle East's finest young stars as well as writing short stories, painting large pictures and ealing in art and culture. Andy is writing his fifth, sixth and seventh book, is in talks for a second film and is still an all-encompassing and completely unadulterated arsehole. But then I told you that already. You can visit his website at www.andypacino.com.

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