Fabian Runi

FAB O’Runi to all who know him, started the phenomenon which was to become LA in its original form “The Executive Fork” with Rod and keyboard player, Glebby, while they lived in Helensburgh, Scotland. After leaving the Royal Navy, then British Telecom and finally the Australian Royal Navy, Fabes toured Denmark to investigate further the willingness of blondes and horses with daft names. While in the land of bacon, Fabes learned the lingo and is now fluent in Danish and has almost (though not quite) conquered the use of the English language. Then he lived in Gibraltar for a while and took in Spanish, and he now  trains hard-core para-biathlon participants, and lives in Adelaide in the country he loves like no other. He still plucks the strings of his bass although rumour has it he sold his Rickenbacker and has reverted to his Westone Thunderer. There never was a truly decent sound from that Rick. He now sports a wonderfully short head of hair and has a pot belly like a Vietnamese pig’s. Below we see Fabes with Andy and Jojo for a reunion gig celebrating The Queen’s 80th birthday.