Paul Mulligan

Paul joined our band to play drums whenever Rod or Dude couldn’t make it. He’d been a bit of a fan of the band and we got on well and so when Fabes moved to Denmark to further his career in blondes, the logical step was for Paul -who also plays bass and lead sickeningly brilliantly – to move into the guitarist’s role and Martin got his old bass out and plucked at that. (The baby Godzilla noises he’d been making for far too long were, by now, defunkt.) Once our band split Paul joined an Elvis tribute band playing bass, then guitar for Big Jim White and after that he got a gig with Kid Voodoo. He’s still strummin’ an’ pickin’ around Manchester and if you get the chance to, go and see them. Kid Voodoo are really very good and Manchester’s best kept secret.