peter vanden

Pete came unto the fold of the Lloyd through Martin and Paul as they'd been members of the same band (though not at the same time) Easterhouse. They had all had fall outs with the leader of that band whose name escapes me so please, if you know, keep it right to yourself because I'm not interested. I've heard the name Shitface bandied around but I couldn't say who it was referring to. Anyway, Peter played a couple of guest spots for us. He's now working in the porn industry although this is in spite of the fact that he has a gigantic cock not because of. (Although I've heard only his wife has access to his massive appendage!) Crack on, Pete. Mr Vanden is such a decent chap I couldn't leave him out of the equation when talking about the Lloyd which is Almighty. Apart from all that, he's as fit as a fucking rabbit and he regularly runs from his house in Urmston to his favourite pub in the village on Canal Street where he plays a mean pink oboe. Good on yer, Pete. Big kiss. Mwah! Watch Pete play his bass here

Peter Vanden
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